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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

simple proofs that god doesn't exists!!

alright... now i'll proof that god doesn't exists... and im not going to confuse you people... as the other religions do!!
i saw a lame video that proofs gods existance... by using simple relativity principles... and for who doesn't know about relativity would certainly fall for it!!

nywayz... i proofed that guy wrong before... and i posted that on his video also!!

forgetting that...
the most easy proof is nature!!

religionists relate god with nature..... but see does nature believe in god or shows signs of god!!
the religionists propose ideas of nature as the unexplained facts as creation of god.... how lame...
before when earth was proofed to be spherical... hell used to be there... and before earth was proposed to revolve around sun it was heaven out there....
the theories that haven't been explained... will be proofed later... and i hope people would become more rational then!!

but now lets talk about nature.. so .... have you ever seen a dying/diseased animal..... if no then do see... coz you would see how much it struggles for life unlike rest... who believe that it would be all good in gods hand, or think that... it is gods wish, or if god wishes i'll be fine!!

im not saying here that by struggling you would escape death 100%!!
the point here is... nature is giving a clear example... that there is no such god after death to see for them!!
they wish to live the fullest!!
atleast they try for life......!!

leaving yourself exposed in hands of nothing... leads your body more prone to death!!

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preacherman said...

I want you to know that this post is very informative and interesting. You challenge my thinking as a minister of the Lord. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future. Love for you check out mine anytime as well and feel free to comment on any topic.
I hope you have a wonderful earth day!