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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

now there aren't just satanic posers but atheist posers have shown up

we all satanists are tired of entertaining dozens of people including the theists (mostly christians) and devil worshipers...!!
but now we would soon be facing ATHEISTS :O

well im overwhelmed too notice that there exists atheists posers as well!! :P

you must be wondering.... well satanists posers can exist as the term is taken synonymous to devil worshiping.... what kinda atheist poser would be!!

well recent survey of USA claims the following result..!!

1) about 9/10 people of USA have extreme faith in GOD!!
2) about 6/10 people believe heaven exists!!
3) about 4/10 people believe there is hell!!

the thing in 2nd and 3rd is about... 4/10 believe in sins and they'd face heaven/hell as judgment!!
while the rest who believe in heaven think... that its a place where all dead souls meet!!

but the most surprising stats were these...

about 2/10 people claim to be atheists!!

surprising isn't it....!!
thats where my eyes struck!!

then answer was simple... 50% of the people claiming to be atheists don't even know its meaning!!

they think its a cool thing to be... specially when many in the world seem to be!!

they say that they are atheist but believe in GOD :P
what can be more absurd than this!!

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