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Thursday, March 13, 2008

what is satan??

satan is not a living being.... its absurd to think that we say god doesn't exist but satan does...
what is satan then that makes the most confusing point....!!
infact i remained confused for a long tym with this issue!!
heres the answer :

Satan represents everything life should be. In The Satanic Bible, LaVey states SATAN represents Indulgence, Vital Existence, Undefiled Wisdom, Kindness to those who deserve it, Vengeance, Responsibility, Man as just another Animal, and All of the so-called Sins. Freewill, Freethinking, and a Free lifestyle is actually ANTI-Church. The church does NOT want you to stray from their teachings and their money plate. If you start to think for yourself, and life for yourself, you're a devil worshipper. SATAN is just the word for some boogieman they needed to keep their sheep from going astray. The being/deity/entity "Satan" was made up by the Christians to take the fall for their sins, pleasure, wrong doings, etc... They needed someone to be their scape goat. When Christianity came into play, the EXISTING GODS of the Egyptians, Indian, Greeks, etc.. were all turned into Devil's. The Literal being/deity/entity simply DOES NOT exist. I am sure you can ask a Christian and they would say he exists, something has to be the reasoning behind their fears.

and thats the fact... to a satanist satan represents a force that inculcates the way one should be and yes about witchcraft... !!

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Cliffy said...

simply speak da shear truth of life