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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

simple proofs that god doesn't exists!!

alright... now i'll proof that god doesn't exists... and im not going to confuse you people... as the other religions do!!
i saw a lame video that proofs gods existance... by using simple relativity principles... and for who doesn't know about relativity would certainly fall for it!!

nywayz... i proofed that guy wrong before... and i posted that on his video also!!

forgetting that...
the most easy proof is nature!!

religionists relate god with nature..... but see does nature believe in god or shows signs of god!!
the religionists propose ideas of nature as the unexplained facts as creation of god.... how lame...
before when earth was proofed to be spherical... hell used to be there... and before earth was proposed to revolve around sun it was heaven out there....
the theories that haven't been explained... will be proofed later... and i hope people would become more rational then!!

but now lets talk about nature.. so .... have you ever seen a dying/diseased animal..... if no then do see... coz you would see how much it struggles for life unlike rest... who believe that it would be all good in gods hand, or think that... it is gods wish, or if god wishes i'll be fine!!

im not saying here that by struggling you would escape death 100%!!
the point here is... nature is giving a clear example... that there is no such god after death to see for them!!
they wish to live the fullest!!
atleast they try for life......!!

leaving yourself exposed in hands of nothing... leads your body more prone to death!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

music & satanism

mostly metal is related with satanism.... i hear people saying metallica is satanic metal band...
korn is so satanic... plz... thats just a bogus stuff!!
heard metallica's one read the lyrics again...
it says :
hold my breath as i wish for death.... oh please god help me...

only few bands are satanic... and yet they donnot relate much with satanism...
1 or 2 good bands with satanic music would be opeth, apocalyptica, COF, n i'll give iron maiden also just coz of the song hallowed be thy name....

as far as rest are concerned i give them 0 for satanism... they haven't even read the satanic bible itself....
they are a bunch of posers posing satanism....
most of them don't even know about the genre they are playing... and they are now called nu metal!!

its not im against nu metal... they did one good job of overthrowing hiphop culture back to rock scene :)
but still their posing has miss lead ppl...
people love to follow their idols... they start acting them... copying the moves and crap!!
such people... also call them satanists.... when you ask them... they say... satanism coz i wan't to screw god... i hate god and i love satan... hez my father.... LMAO
i see people saying they love pain :|
they like death... :|
there father satan would take them away into hell :|

satanism preaches to live not to die!!
clear basics... enjoy music... feel it... just don't skim through the musician ideas.... they say it to sell.... its business!!

PS -
death metal - has nothing to do with killing oneself... its about the pain life caused to the musician and he is leading it out through his music....
black metal - it has the feel of hope coming and dying.... but never would you find music... like you have died!!
music represents the feel of musician... if you wish to lead like that musician... then get the feel right :)

difference between atheist and satanist

well this is a very important think to talk about....
you see... whenever i try to convince atheists about satanism... coz they are they most closest to satanism.... they often ask if its soo much like atheism then why should i follow it!!
now i'll describe that why a satanist is better than an atheist!!

satanic bible states,,,... that a satanist should have high atheism power!!

who is an atheist??
an atheist is a person... who is pissed of by the religious scriptures and is always fighting within itself to detect whether god exists or not...
so he has made a simple rule... he doesn't mind praying god and even doesn't mind abusing god!!

a satanist is sure about himself... he believes that there is no god... or if he is there he has no control over our lives!!
its a natural process... plus he wouldn't pray to god or would abuse him... not coz hez not sure...

but because he finds it lame to do so... you see you'd abuse a thing that exists!!
its just a time waste.... but yeah if a jerk comes to you and starts abusing you for satanism... don't hesitate to fuck his godess and the fucking concepts ;)

Blessed are the valiant, for they shall obtain great treasure - Cursed are the believers in
good and evil, for they are frightened by shadows!

Friday, March 14, 2008

religious sins... duh...

actually most religions consider them sins... Christianity focus' at max....
according to them if you do these 7 things.... then you'll serve hell.... well we already know there is no hell... but still i feel gud criticizing them!!

the sins are :
greed, pride, envy, anger, gluttony, lust, and sloth.
Satanism advocates indulging in each of these "sins" as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification.

what is greed.... the thought to strive for more.... im sorry but you can't successful in lyf without striving for more!!
what is pride.... you get smacked in a duel.... everyone is laughing at you.... you have been made a complete fool.... you turn around... and break the guyz hand from which he smacked... this is pride!!
no one should mess with our pride.... why should i relax when someone abuses me....
what is envy... another form of greed... just that its coz of others success... its a natural phenomenon...even a low rank priest would envy another one made higher to him when he deserved it!! then what sin is it....

what is anger.... anger is defined as a state of mind when you can't control your emotions... how do you intend to call it a sin when 1 can't even control it...

what is gluttony... you were bored of that same dinner you were eating at home... got bored and ordered a pizza... if you'd have consumed say 3/4 th pizza... it was equivalent to your normal diet... to sustain lyf.... but you ate the whole pizza just coz you liked it.... if this is a sin... darn it i love it!!

what is lust??
its a feeling of sexual excitement.... everyone faces it..... some share(normal humans) others hide and show off to have avoided it!!
now dayz i see children of age 6 watching bf... now there are christians also in em!!
and they say children are faces of god.... well what do ya say... gods luved sex!!

what is sloth??
you wake up its a holiday.... you think to spend extra tym in the cozy bed.... why... cummon everyone does it the reason is... all of us are lazy ppl.... even the lions like to laze of... while the crocodiles,,... they laze of whole day to search for prey!!
if that is a sin...... then once again... every1 enjoys it!!

so hereby i proof... that all sins are actually common.... and were very analytically thought over by the ppl who created it!!
they knew every1 would do this sort of stuff.... and then they would come to the church to say sorry about it!! rofl.... i say don't follow it.... just believe in yourself!!s

Thursday, March 13, 2008

the 9 satanic statements :

from The Satanic Bible

by Anton Szandor LaVey

[b]1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!

2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!

4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!

5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!

6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!

7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!

8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

9. Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!

i regard them as flawless statements.... ;)

Christian Pope : he wipped his own ass

first of all who is pope ??
The highest ranking Priest in the Catholic Church. The man who has the power to change the world, and even repress it for the best interest of the church. According to the Church, the Pope speaks to god! (LMAO) Have you seen his clothes lately? This should tell you where all of your fucking money is going people. Check out the staff the guy holds, got enough Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, etc...The life this guys leads, and as many little boys as he wants.

talking of the current pope..... pope benedict...
im not sure whether you are aware of it or not...
but during galelios period... galelio stated that earth is spherical and not flat as thought by the priests!!
he was imprisioned... reason :

at that tym... the Christians.. and infact the hindus believed that the earth is flat... misconceptions that they attached... abv.. earth lies heaven(they didn't knew about reaching space ;)) and below lies hell... now they said that all the water goes to the end of earth and falls into hell... !! so if you set sail you might reach the end and fall into hell... wtf...!!
galileo commited the worst crime... he said earth is spherical... hence making the statements void... the pope at that time thought.... darn him... we have attached soo many omens to this theory.... if it fails we are doomed... he had galileo imprisioned...
l8r when it was proofed... critically changes were made... and no missconception were left!!

it was all ohk.... uptill now......
but no... this benedict guy had his cross in his ass.... so he now comments that it was ryt of the pope to sentence galileo imprisionment....
now hez away.... and doesn't talk.... wtf... suddenly he turns his back... y can't face some students who respect galileo.... darn you and do hell with christianity....
galileo was a rational being... and he had the ass of the popes whipped off with there own cross!!

types of satanism

Traditional or Spiritual Satanism - Also called Theistic Satanism or Luciferianism, is the oldest known form of Satanism. It has been around for Thousands of years and has even been traced back to the Roman times before the christian lord and savior "Jesus Christ" ever walked the Earth. The Traditional Satanists do actually claim the existence of a Satan or Lucifer as a "Higher Power or a Guiding Force." The Traditional Satanists don't literally worship Satan or Lucifer as their God. Those misconceptions have been created by the church and other nae sayers who want their respective religions to flourish on the fear of society. The Traditional Satanist looks at Satan or Lucifer as a "Father Figure" and idolize him in that capacity. It is in my understanding that some Traditional Satanists have performed a Sacrificial Ritual, but it is not required in their beliefs. Some Traditional Satanists touch on Demonology and go a lot deeper into that aspect of the spiritual realms.

Rebel satanism[/b]
Rebel Satanism - Rebel Satanism is a form of Satanism where you find the most misfits and social outcasts. This is the form of Satanism that actually brings Satanists in general a bad name. They are the rebellious teenagers and the drug addicts who might not have ever even read The Satanic Bible and just use the "evil image" of Satanism as a release. I am not trying to imply that "Goth's" are social outcasts and degenerates in their rebellious ways, but this type of Rebel Satanism is such and commonly associated with Gothic Lifestyles. I have actually found some of the most thoughtful, kind, and intelligent people in the world are the freaks who wear spikes, black clothes and ragged hair. Being a Rebel Satanist is usually a phase and they move on to something else shortly after it gets "old" or they actually pick up a book or two with a "cooler" belief system.

[b] LaVeyen Satanism[/b]

LaVeyan Satanism - LaVeyan Satanism is a label given to Satanists found mostly within but is not limited to the Church of Satan™ members. Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan™ in October of 1966. A.S. LaVey was a very outgoing Satanist who helped propel Satanism and bring it into the publics eye. A.S. LaVey has 5 books written by him, and several others written about him since. The most popular of these 5 is "The Satanic Bible." The contents of the book might not have originated on LaVeys desk, but he compiled the information in such a way as to literally spark a (r)evolution in your mind. This book alone has brought A.S. LaVey and the Church of Satan™ millions of dollars as well as thousands of members. It is a good read and should be the platform for which to build your lifestyle, beliefs, and thoughts. A.S. LaVey is only a man, a philosopher, and the founder of the Church of Satan™, but there are many out there who have chosen to Idolize HIM while at the same time they are a Satanist. This is where the LaVeyan Satanist term is coined.

Modern Satanism[/b]
Modern Satanism - Modern Satanism is what the majority of Satanists are in this Century. There are several Orders, Temples, Guilds, Grottos, and Churches who have popped up since the Church of Satan™ began to change their ways and members broke off. The two biggest ones: The Temple of Set™, and the First Church of Satan™ were both founded by previous members of the Church of Satan™. Modern Satanism is very similar to LaVeyan Satanism only you wont see as many "LaVeyan" supporters. This does not mean LaVey is frowned upon, or walked on, but he is only one individual in the world, and we Modern Satanists tend to always want more.

Modern Satanism is a belief system that empowers the individual to be their own God, to be their own caretaker. This does not mean you cannot have a partner in life, a significant other, or a loved one. It means you take care of yourself as opposed to prayer and false hopes asked of a God or complete stranger to do it for you. You are supposed to accept your own responsibilities and be able to accept the outcome of your actions. As a Modern Satanist, you should not depend on a myth to pay for your actions. The stories that some Jesus Christ came to Earth and has paid for your sins does NOT mean you are above the laws today, and you will be held liable for any crimes committed.
As a Modern Satanist, You thank YOURSELF for all the hard work and repetition of a task to perfect it, not some man made God. You are the one who soaked many a rag with your sweat and hard labor to become what you are. You need not thank any higher power for these skills. You would want to thank family, friends, and coworkers for their support, and comforting they have provided along the way.

It is common to find a Modern Satanist who chooses not to be apart of ANY of the Orders or Organizations about and wants only individualism. Herd Mentality is something commonly found in the Christian or Catholic Church where you're made to feel as nothing without paying them your money, or having someone else in your life. Satanism per se teaches Self-ism and Individuality. Some Satanists refuse to "join" in on anything and it makes them more comfortable being "solo." Modern Satanism as a whole is NOT Anti-Christianity. Satanism is Anti-Stupidity. (some Satanists may be anti-christian, but surely not all of us.) There are Anti-Religious people in every aspect and every walk of life. Satanism per se, does not speak of opposing Christianity and destroying everything they believe in. I have always tried to spread Religious Tolerance, and the rest of the Satanic Community, for the most part, feels the exact same way.
Modern Satanism is not full of Hate and Racism. Satanism, by some, has been considered an Elitist Belief System. This is simply because as a Satanist you should always stride to better yourself. Never settling for second best, and Never think of anyone as being better than yourself. "Second Place is The First Loser". The Teachers whom we encounter in life have the knowledge to pass along, and the experience of doing it before you, this does not make then BETTER than you. There is segregation in every walk of life. It is NOT the Satanic Communities who house and support the Race oriented, Hate groups, or other Militant Factions, now is it? Yet there are militant and ignorant Satanists who feel they want to take the law into their own hands and end up harming people unnecessarily.

We as Americans have the 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. What most Americans do not understand is this: You have Freedom of Speech, the right to say anything you want to say, but this does not mean you are exempt of the ramifications of your words. The Freedom of Religion means you should be able to worship, and or believe as you see fit. Regardless of social acceptance and scrutiny, be it that it is within the boundaries of the law. At times I'm led to believe Christianity is above Freedom of Religion because if you don't believe what they do "you're wrong", "you're insane", "you need help", or my favorite one is, "you're going to hell!". I am sure not all of the sheep think this way, but enough of them do.

flaws that you'd find in your religion!!

christianity... : the Christians consider themselves to be superior... well here are a few flaws that i'd like to post...
►the 7 sins of bible... are actually natural phenomenon about which moasis wrote... the book which he wrote was hidden and bible was published =|
►the time period b/w jesus' life and writing of bible is huge.... so you can't even rely on its truthness!!
►virgin marry... lols.... no girl can give babies without getting fucked.... if they can't except it... i feel sorry for there stupidness!!
►i got many but lets keep going with other religions... ;)
you pray to shiv... via shivling... what is shivling... if you don't know... its a penis floating on a vagina... they say it represents male/female power... yet females are not allowed to touch it...
i say pure bullshit... if it symbolizes something its just sex and lust... !!

►rofl... time period of ram as sources from ramayan... is different from the time period of ravan as per southern records.... by a interval of 300 yrs.... cummon now you can't say that the stupid ravan waited 300 yrs.. just to see ram and fuck sita lols... grow over!!
islam :
they would slaughter a goat signifying what they don't even know.... just they enjoy the meat...
i'll tell what it signifies... the quran says... if you wan't to show how much devoted to allah(god) are you... then give away your eldest child as he would serve allah...
meaning interpreted by islam.... :
kill some goats to please allah... as we can't kill eldest child....
children are allah's gift.... fuck more and get more...

now if thats what you call religion... i say... fuck off!!
poor goats are slaughtered for no reason!!

consider violence as their birth right... dunno why for...!!
i don't remember name of the guru... but yeah he made em warriors coz of the need... that doesn't mean that now when there is no need... you put up swords and start fighting for no good!!

i don' t happen to have research on them... but atleast they are peaceful souls... i give em.. +1
but still neither religious head wanted a religion on his name... so can't do a thing...
they were just made....

what is satan??

satan is not a living being.... its absurd to think that we say god doesn't exist but satan does...
what is satan then that makes the most confusing point....!!
infact i remained confused for a long tym with this issue!!
heres the answer :

Satan represents everything life should be. In The Satanic Bible, LaVey states SATAN represents Indulgence, Vital Existence, Undefiled Wisdom, Kindness to those who deserve it, Vengeance, Responsibility, Man as just another Animal, and All of the so-called Sins. Freewill, Freethinking, and a Free lifestyle is actually ANTI-Church. The church does NOT want you to stray from their teachings and their money plate. If you start to think for yourself, and life for yourself, you're a devil worshipper. SATAN is just the word for some boogieman they needed to keep their sheep from going astray. The being/deity/entity "Satan" was made up by the Christians to take the fall for their sins, pleasure, wrong doings, etc... They needed someone to be their scape goat. When Christianity came into play, the EXISTING GODS of the Egyptians, Indian, Greeks, etc.. were all turned into Devil's. The Literal being/deity/entity simply DOES NOT exist. I am sure you can ask a Christian and they would say he exists, something has to be the reasoning behind their fears.

and thats the fact... to a satanist satan represents a force that inculcates the way one should be and yes about witchcraft... !!

who is jesus??

The son of god. "Pallid Incompetence Hanging On A Tree", [Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible] The way the Christians speak of this guy you would think he was Satan himself! The end of the world is coming, and he is going to be their savior. To bring them to the promised lands. To kill each and every Christian on earth and take them with him to their heaven. They are the ones who need help, who need to be saved, not I.

i mean talk of sense... you wan't that your savior shall come and kill you to take you to heaven....
why isn't life here pleseant!!
if you all wan't to die by a promise that you'll get into heaven or crap then die... but a true satanist knows the value of life... and would never give up easily!!

you say god is in nature... if life after death is so peaceful that you are ready to die for a person whom you haven't seen and even won't see... then y don't the animals do the same....
a cow whose sure of death would struggle for life uptill she has lost all life force from within...
we humans are the only lazy ppl. thinking that its ohk to die... in gods arms... as darwin said...
survival of the fittest...
its lame to say that its no use fighting for lyf!!

now its again upto you.... do you wish to give away your life for a thing on which you just faith....
or you can become rational lyk me....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

what is heaven and hell?

heaven and hell is just a state of mind and nothing else..... it was just created by religious hypocrites to ensure that some fear in minds of people persists... this could allow them to control people's mind!!
they worked on a perfect plan.... it works like this... you get a stupid msg that forward this to 10 ppl or else you mom will die.... and to avoid any cirumstances you'd actually forward it!!
believe in logics... believe in yourself... if you think i must not take chances then you are a moron!!
you are letting your fears take over you!!

and so did the theory of heaven and hell worked....
now by just stating that do this or do that otherwise you serve hell makes people scared of it!!
as i said abv... if your think that you'd serve in hell so better not take chances then you are a moron!!
only weaklings let there fear take over them!!

its now upto you...
either spend rest of lyf figuring out whether this act would lead me into heaven or hell or believe in yourself and follow what you wish!!
thats a satanist's verdict.... you'll start enjoying life!!

who is god??

im my own god... no one tells me how to live!!
as for the gods that you consider...
if I can not smell, touch, see, hear, or taste it... it does not exist. Every day there are "miracles" of life happening this guy gets credit for. Ever heard of chance? Circumstance? Fate? I am sorry but breathing is not a miracle, it is a natural function of the human body.
I do not have blind faith, and frown at the masses who simply do.

i don't believe in the fact that this person gets credit for what i do...!!
people say god helps those who help themselves... i ask them... if i help myself why would i need god.... these terms were just made to confuse people.... and the religious hypocrites actually succeeded!!
now its upto you!!

PS- this doesn't mean you wake up every morning saying fuck god.... a satanist would never do that.... reason who would waste time on this lame issue... plus abusing means believing... we are not devil worshippers... we are satanists... we don't believe in a super power controlling our life!!