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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

who is god??

im my own god... no one tells me how to live!!
as for the gods that you consider...
if I can not smell, touch, see, hear, or taste it... it does not exist. Every day there are "miracles" of life happening this guy gets credit for. Ever heard of chance? Circumstance? Fate? I am sorry but breathing is not a miracle, it is a natural function of the human body.
I do not have blind faith, and frown at the masses who simply do.

i don't believe in the fact that this person gets credit for what i do...!!
people say god helps those who help themselves... i ask them... if i help myself why would i need god.... these terms were just made to confuse people.... and the religious hypocrites actually succeeded!!
now its upto you!!

PS- this doesn't mean you wake up every morning saying fuck god.... a satanist would never do that.... reason who would waste time on this lame issue... plus abusing means believing... we are not devil worshippers... we are satanists... we don't believe in a super power controlling our life!!

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