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Thursday, March 13, 2008

flaws that you'd find in your religion!!

christianity... : the Christians consider themselves to be superior... well here are a few flaws that i'd like to post...
►the 7 sins of bible... are actually natural phenomenon about which moasis wrote... the book which he wrote was hidden and bible was published =|
►the time period b/w jesus' life and writing of bible is huge.... so you can't even rely on its truthness!!
►virgin marry... lols.... no girl can give babies without getting fucked.... if they can't except it... i feel sorry for there stupidness!!
►i got many but lets keep going with other religions... ;)
you pray to shiv... via shivling... what is shivling... if you don't know... its a penis floating on a vagina... they say it represents male/female power... yet females are not allowed to touch it...
i say pure bullshit... if it symbolizes something its just sex and lust... !!

►rofl... time period of ram as sources from ramayan... is different from the time period of ravan as per southern records.... by a interval of 300 yrs.... cummon now you can't say that the stupid ravan waited 300 yrs.. just to see ram and fuck sita lols... grow over!!
islam :
they would slaughter a goat signifying what they don't even know.... just they enjoy the meat...
i'll tell what it signifies... the quran says... if you wan't to show how much devoted to allah(god) are you... then give away your eldest child as he would serve allah...
meaning interpreted by islam.... :
kill some goats to please allah... as we can't kill eldest child....
children are allah's gift.... fuck more and get more...

now if thats what you call religion... i say... fuck off!!
poor goats are slaughtered for no reason!!

consider violence as their birth right... dunno why for...!!
i don't remember name of the guru... but yeah he made em warriors coz of the need... that doesn't mean that now when there is no need... you put up swords and start fighting for no good!!

i don' t happen to have research on them... but atleast they are peaceful souls... i give em.. +1
but still neither religious head wanted a religion on his name... so can't do a thing...
they were just made....


Brent08 said...

I read the first little bit of this and was disgusted, you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about, you made a HUGE generalization and then TRIED to base what YOU believe to be fact off of it. You are completely wrong in your accusation. I would advise you to do some research next time you plan an attack on Christianity. Honestly I read about 2 sentences and found such a great flaw I immediately had to stop and share my views on this less than half witted thesis

Mage.... cursed to slave for music ;) said...

dude... what was the flaw in it!!
you talk too much.... but didn't gave anything against it!!

everything that i have written has been proofed!!

idefiant said...

The only undeniable truth is that no matter what religion, there will exist flaws. If you identify as Satanic, then you still identify as recognizing the existence of God. I am defending no religion, but Satan himself comes from Christianity. To say that you are Satanic is to say that Christianty is also true, you have just come to be known as a follower of the opposing force within the same religion. You can say what you want about any world religion, whether you're for it or against it, but to make claims, as you are, about them, is only to enforce ideas.
As ignorant as your certainty sounds, I must add that although religion and science has always clashed in its directions, science (the enforcer of facts) has actually recently proven the possibly of conception without "getting fucked" in species. To deny christianity is to disempower your own beliefs, for they would not exist without the christianity. You asked how reliable a text could be if it was written so many years after its prophet, but where have you found your satan outside of the bible? Even satan had to believe in god to hate him.

I have found in your religion, when you have claimed to find flaw in others. This is the law of karma. And the only undeniable truth, at this time, is that no matter what religion, there will exist flaws.

Mage.... cursed to slave for music ;) said...

interesting theory bro!!
we'll i agree that whatever thing exists its not perfect... everything has its flaws!!

well satan in christianity itself doesn't signify evil!!

Hebrew ha-Satan is "the accuser" and Satan itself means "to overcome" — the one who challenged the religious faith of humans in the books of Job and Zechariah — Abrahamic religious belief systems other than Judaism relate this term to a demon, a rebellious fallen angel, devil, minor god and idol, or as an allegory for knowledge.

this was the reason as anton LaVey chose the name as satanism rather than anything else!!
as another stuff wouldn't have been so powerful to oppose doctrine of religion!!