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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

what is heaven and hell?

heaven and hell is just a state of mind and nothing else..... it was just created by religious hypocrites to ensure that some fear in minds of people persists... this could allow them to control people's mind!!
they worked on a perfect plan.... it works like this... you get a stupid msg that forward this to 10 ppl or else you mom will die.... and to avoid any cirumstances you'd actually forward it!!
believe in logics... believe in yourself... if you think i must not take chances then you are a moron!!
you are letting your fears take over you!!

and so did the theory of heaven and hell worked....
now by just stating that do this or do that otherwise you serve hell makes people scared of it!!
as i said abv... if your think that you'd serve in hell so better not take chances then you are a moron!!
only weaklings let there fear take over them!!

its now upto you...
either spend rest of lyf figuring out whether this act would lead me into heaven or hell or believe in yourself and follow what you wish!!
thats a satanist's verdict.... you'll start enjoying life!!

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