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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christian churches can't abide to the bible why do they want the people to??

recent news that would make you go wtf!!
a christian church head priest was reported for sex abuse.... now say... where are the fucking principles of the bible...
whats with the lust being the deadly sin...
and they wan't people to confess in front of these smucks!!

its height of being so unethical... first you say that thinking of lust is a DEADLY SIN... then you say don'tcha worry... if you have thought sometimes... come confess infront of me....!!
and after that you start thinking about it.... wow and now not just thinking but doing also!!

atleast satanism despite of the idea of free sex... commands the being to go for it only if both of em agree!!

well all i can say is these people are falling into the holes dug by themselves...!!
they themselves can't it!!
what a lol situation :P

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